Starting from the 4th of September, we have free range chicken for sale and from the 1st of October, we will have our free range turkeys for sale.

Our Turkeys are grown Free Range, for the best Holiday roast turkey taste which will remind you of home, wherever you are.

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We offer quick delivery in Bucharest & Ilfov for just 25 lei and we aim to deliver our turkeys within 48hrs.

How it all started …

Everything started with our simple desire of always having in our family the taste of fresh and healthy meat. We were growing the first 20 turkeys in our yard and when the celebration moment came, our family was the first one who ordered turkeys, because they wanted to benefit of the same natural and healthy taste. Year by year since then, we have increased the numbers of turkeys we were growing, because of the recommendations we got from our friends. But we always pay attention so no matter how many turkeys, chickens or roosters we grow, the taste remains the same. This is one of the reason for having this motto:

Grown natural, taste original!

What we offer

Besides turkeys, we also grow other animals. Below you can see what we offer.

Free Range Turkeys

Always fresh and tasty, the turkey meat is a healthy choice. It is the product that stays at the foundation of our small business: Happy Turkey. It is always it the top of the preferences of our client’s requests.

Roosters & Hens Whole

Nothing compares to the taste of the rooster or hen soup that our parents or our grandparents were cooking. Now you can buy from us rooster or hen meat, having the confidence that the taste of the soup will be incredibly tasty.

Free Range Chicken Whole

Classic chicken meat is always a great choice. You can’t make a mistake by choosing it, even more with our chicken meat! Why? Because our meat is always tasty and healthy!
Besides the listed items, we also offer in the hot season small chickens and poults, so you can grow them in your own yard. If you want to buy something like this, don’t hesitate to write us!

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Why we do what we do?

We have developed this small family business because of 2 main reasons: first of all we wanted to have an alternative so we can eat healthy meat and we wanted also to offer this alternative to other families with babies, families who are looking to diversify the menu for the small ones.

Then, the second reason is sustainability, so we can volunteer in the projects developed by Punctul Nordic Church. Punctul Nordic Association sustains families in tough situations. Concrete, we are involved in the following activities:

  • School counseling
  • Transportation help for high school students
  • Counseling and support in finding a job: for adults but also for teenagers over 16th years old
  • Food, school suplies, shoes for families and children in though material situations
  • Promoting and supporting education and educational activities
  • We also have more ambicious projects: renovation for bathrooms/ kitchens for a single mother raising 5 kids
  • Sustaining and renting a place for a family with 6 kids and also offering them counseling, education and reintegration programs
  • Camps for youth and teenagers
  • Camps for kids



Capatan Danut & Cristina

0766454474/ 0753477091



For any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email, call us or fill out the form above.

Happy Turkey!

Grown natural, taste original!